Aha! Moment

Riddles are basically puzzles put forth as statements, questions or phrases with veiled or double meaning. They can be Enigma (metaphorical) or Conundra (effects of punning). There are several themes of riddles, but all of them brings along the 'Aha! Moment' when you solve them.

What is this Aha!-moment?

It is also called Eureka Effect or Eureka Moment. Google gives "a moment of sudden insight or discovery" as the meaning of 'Aha!-Moment', as in the screenshot below.

The term insight has a broad meaning here. In psychological terms, it attempts to describe the process in problem-solving when a previously unsolvable riddle suddenly becomes clear and obvious. A person using insight will be able to give accurate, all-or-nothing type of answer, while one without insight, you already guessed it, and incomplete or partial answer. Quite often this transition from not understanding to spontaneous comprehension of the riddle is accompanied by joy or satisfaction. This is Aha! Moment.

BUT it isn't just about sudden insight. There is more to it. There is a neurnal process underlying this creative problem solving ability. It is a direct result of one's creatvity component. During the thinking process, there is a specific corticial activity happening in our brain - mainly in the frontal cortex. Frontal cortex controls all the cognitive functions of the human body, problem solving is one of them. 

I was reading an article the other day that studied changes in activity happening in brain using Ultra-high-field MRI exactly during the Aha! Moment. 
This is what the study concluded: 

the interplay between VTA, NAcc, Hippocampus, and aSTS/STG stresses the Aha!‐Moment as a higher cognitive process not purely consisting of affective and rewarding components. As those structures are part of a dopaminergic pathway, associated with reinforcement, we suggest the Aha!‐Moment as a special form of fast retrieval, combination, and encoding process.

Speaking English, solving riddles and realising the answers are not just a satisfcation, but much more. Something that should be considered a special form.

Hope this brings in some insight regarding the functioning of brain during problem solving. Hop on, let's solve some riddles now. Remember to think softly, but recall hardly. Have fun!


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